All-Natural. Handmade. Locally Sourced. Organic Honey.

And The Taste Is Un-BEE-Lievable!

Our Story

Little Vicky’s is a quality line of handmade organic honey-based products sourced from all-natural local ingredients and made with love. From our delicious flavors of honey butter to our decadent garlic and spicey honey products, every single ingredient is the perfect balance of wholesome flavor and practical pizazz to be spread, dipped, drizzled, or dunked on just about anything.
Not long ago, Founder and honey enthusiast Little Vicky stumbled upon her amazing recipe for flavored kinds of butter which centered around the comforting and therapeutic benefits of all-natural organic honey. She mixed a pinch of this and a dab of that, and not long after discovered there was ample awesomeness to be shared. From street fairs and farmer’s markets to a handful of retail outlets and eventually online sales, Little Vicky’s was a hit. Turns out that was the easy part. Sharing our line of Little Vicky’s quality honey products with others on a large scale is quite the endeavor. But fresh, all-natural goodness remains the number one ingredient then, now, and always.

Handmade in Bayport, NY

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